Important Information for the Debtor

Bankruptcy Questionnaire -- Must be submitted to Trustee 7 days prior to 341 Meeting of Creditors

2023 Tax Return Reminder

Upcoming Virtual/Telephonic 341 Meeting of Creditors

USTP Zoom Software Download and Installation Instructions

USTP Instructions for Joining a Zoom 341(a) Meeting of Creditors

USTP Acceptable ID and SSN Documents List

USTP Best Practices for Debtors and Attorneys

USTP Declaration Regarding Oath and Confirmation of ID SSN

USTP Instructions for Changing the Display Language in Zoom

Change of Address Forms

Debtor Change of Address Form
Creditor Change of Address Form
Attorney Change of Address Form

Chapter 13 Model Plan Forms

Chapter 13 Plan (Local Form 2084-4) (PDF)
Chapter 13 Plan (Local Form 2084-4) (Word)
Stipulated Order Confirming the Ch 13 Plan - Model Form with Sample Data - Word Format
Notice of Submitting - Stipulated Order Confirming - Word Format
SOC Checklist Coversheet to Trustee

Conduit Information

Local Rule 2084-4 Requiring Conduit Payments
Ex A Mortgage Creditor Checklist (Local Form 2084-4A)
Ex B Authorization to Release Information to Trustee Regarding Secured Claims (Local Form 2084-4B)
Ex C Notice of Payment Change - Escrow Analysis
Ex D Notice of Payment Change (ARM)
Ex E Notice of Transfer of Claim
Ex F Mortgagees Notice of Advance


Business Operating Statements
Business Examination Questionnaire
Business Evaluation Waiver
Affidavit of No Trade Debt
Child Support Affidavit Form
Waiver of Statutes of Limitation
TEN - Financial Management Course
Declaration for Debtors Without an Attorney
Hardship Declaration re COVID-19

Tax Related Forms

Affidavit Regarding Tax Returns


AP commencement notice

Authorization for Electronic Disbursement

Authorization for Electronic Disbursement